Max Rubell

Storytelling Through Music

Music for film, television, web content, video games, advertising, and other creative media.

Audi 2005 RS3 (Rescore)

Media: Advertisement

Instrumentation: Marimba Ensemble, Guitars, Strings, Dubstep Production

Showcases: Physicality


Sometimes scoring needs to really sound physical.  As if you can reach out and touch it.  A car commercial is a great example of this, but there are moments in storytelling too.  The right instrumentation can put your mind in physical contact with just about anything — a pie in somebody's face, a deadly pool of quicksand, a person's soft touch.

In this case, the music plays off of the duality of smoothness and coarseness.  The sleek exterior of the car is mirrored with lush glass marimba patterns,  deep synth pads, vibrating baritone guitar harmonics, and shimmering vibraphones.  Grittily produced drums, dupstep bass, and synth leads put us in contact with the rougher aspect of the car.  A car is elegance and beauty in the showroom, but unchecked power and intensity on the open road.