Max Rubell

Storytelling Through Music

Music for film, television, web content, video games, advertising, and other creative media.



Maximilian Jonathan Rubell is an emerging film composer who was born and raised in Santa Monica, California.  Throughout his childhood Max was surrounded by music and film.  From an early age he developed a love for classic movies, and was captivated by musical cues in the context of a story.  Throughout school he played violin in the various orchestras and keyboards/organ in a funk band, while independently producing experimental electronic jazz.  But he was certain that he didn't want to be a professional musician.  He wanted to write music for film.  He wanted to spend his life working with stories and characters.

When I was 9 years old, I wanted to be a spy. Now I get to write music for spy movies. It’s close enough.

In 2012 Max graduated with honors from New York University's undergraduate music composition program, and in 2014 graduated with honors from NYU with a masters degree in film scoring.  He has wide experience composing, editing, and producing music for the visual medium, and has a musical flexibility that is not restricted to any particular style or genre.  Using both live ensembles and high quality digital sampling he enhances films using orchestral music, electronic music, jazz, hip-hop, rock/pop, world music from five continents, experimental sound design, and many other avenues of scoring.  His recently scored industrial film — The Fallout — won New York's 2015 Drone Film Festival.

Max approaches music not from the perspective of a musician (jazz piano, violin, and the Bandoneón — tango accordion) and dancer (Argentine Tango), but as a writer.  He attentively uses thematic content and atmosphere to reinforce storytelling and character development.  He believes that film scoring is more than just a product to be factory-produced and sold; rather, it is storytelling through music.