Max Rubell

Storytelling Through Music

Music for film, television, web content, video games, advertising, and other creative media.


Maximilian Rubell is a music composer for film and advertising.  He was born and raised in Santa Monica, and is currently living and working in Brooklyn.  He is impassioned toward everything related to music & film: composing, producing, listening, watching, archiving, encoding, debating, collecting, learning, preserving, exploring.  His music has been featured in TV series, short films, reality television, product advertisements, and social media advertisements.


His varied experience with many musical genres (orchestral music, electronic music, jazz, home-made percussion, experimental sound design, and cultural music from Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America) produces music that is sound-varied, physical, and textural.  His experience as a dedicated tango dancer produces music that is rhythm-focused and energetic.  And his obsession with film and storytelling produces music that is narrative, emotional, and character-driven.


Max is available to create original music for film, television, advertising, web content, gaming, live dance, and commission.  From his local studio in Brooklyn he works remotely with clients internationally.  To reach out to Max to discuss creative collaboration, either send an e-mail to or use the Contact tab above.


styles & instruments

Orchestral • Jazz • Percussion • Solo Piano • Sound Design • Techno • IDM • Downtempo • Dubstep • Hip-Hop • Indie Folk • Post-Rock • Funk • Disco • Retro Pop • Big Band jazz • Minimalism • Tango Nuevo • Chinese • Tibetan • African • Celtic • Middle-Eastern • Native American • French • Cuban • puerto rican • Brazilian

mediums & Narrative genres

Drama • Comedy • Arthouse • Horror • Action • Surrealism • animation • Fantasy • Science Fiction • Period drama • Documentary • Social Media Advertising • Web Content